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Selected Cover Arts

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* Corresponding Author

  • Elkins, M., , Jain, N.Tükel, C. The menace within: Bacterial amyloids as a trigger for autoimmune and neurodegenerative diseases. Just accepted in Curr. Opin. in Microbiol.

  • Ahlawat, K., Jangra R., Ish, A., Jain, N., Prakash R. (2024). A dielectric barrier discharge based low pressure narrow band far UV-C 222 nm excimer lamp and its efficiency analysis. Physica Scripta, 99, 025018. 

  • Ahlawat, K., Jangra R., Ish, A., Dixit, A., Fulwani, D., Jain, N., Prakash R. (2023). Analysis of a UV photocatalytic oxidation-based disinfection system for hydroxyl radicals, negative air ions generation and their impact on inactivation of pathogenic micro-organisms. Review of Scientific Instruments, 94, 104103.

  • Antony, V., Gaikwad, Y., Agarwal, H., Jain, N., Vankayala, R. (2023). A label-free and ultrasensitive Prussian blue-based dipstick sensor for bacterial and biofilm detection. ACS Langmuir, 39, 40, 14246–14255.

  • Rani, K., Pal, A., Gurnani, B., Agrawala, P., Sasmal, D.K., Jain, N.(2023) An innate host defense protein; β2 -microglobulin keeps a check on α-synuclein amyloid assembly: Implications in Parkinson's disease. Journal of Molecular Biology, 435, 22, 168285. Selected for front Cover Art.

  • Kumar, R., Antony, V., Rani, K., Jain, N., Singh, S., Agarwal, A., Vankayala, R. (2023). Facile synthesis of multifunction carbon dots derived from camel milk for Mn7+ sensing and antiamyloid and anticancer activities. ACS Omega, 8, 39, 36521–36533.

  • Yadav, A. S., Malik, S., De, I., Pippal, B., Singh, M., Jain, N., Yadav, J. K. (2023). Isolation of amyloid-like protein aggregates (APA) from white bread and their characterisation. Biophysical Chemistry, 302, 107097. 

  • Rani, K., Pippal, B., Singh, S. K., Karmakar, A., Vankayala, R., & Jain, N.* (2023). Effects of the aspect ratio of plasmonic gold nanorods on the inhibition of lysozyme amyloid formation. Biomaterials Science, 11, 4200-4209. Selected for front inside Cover Art.

  • Pippal, B., Chaudhuri, P., Rani, K., Yadav, J. K., & Jain, N.* (2023). Discerning Modulation of α-Synuclein Amyloid Assembly by Crystallin. ACS Chemical Neuroscience, 14(9), 1659-1671. Selected for front Cover Art.



  • Nicastro, L. K., de Anda, J., Jain, N., Grando, K. C., Miller, A. L., Bessho, S., ... & Tükel, Ç. (2022). Assembly of ordered DNA-curli fibril complexes during Salmonella biofilm formation correlates with strengths of the type I interferon and autoimmune responses. PLoS Pathogens, 18(8), e1010742.

  • Ahlawat, K., Jangra, R., Chaturvedi, S., Prakash, C., Dixit, A., Fulwani, D., Gupta A., Jain, N. ... & Prakash, R. (2022). Photocatalytic oxidation conveyor “PCOC” system for large scale surface disinfection. Review of Scientific Instruments, 93(7), 074101.

  • Khambhati, K., Patel, J., Saxena, V., & Jain, N.* (2021). Gene regulation of biofilm-associated functional amyloids. Pathogens, 10(4), 490.



  • Sampson, T. R., Challis, C., Jain, N., Moiseyenko, A., Ladinsky, M. S., Shastri, G. G., ... & Mazmanian, S. K. (2020). A gut bacterial amyloid promotes α-synuclein aggregation and motor impairment in mice. eLife 2020 Feb 11; 9, e53111.

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  • Bhasne, K., Sebastian, S., Jain, N., & Mukhopadhyay, S. (2018). Synergistic amyloid switch triggered by early heterotypic oligomerization of intrinsically disordered α-synuclein and tau. Journal of Molecular Biology, 430(16), 2508-2520. Recommended by Faculty by 1000

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