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Outreach Mission 

Our goal is to communicate with young kids in rural areas of Rajasthan from diverse background to promote awareness about microorganisms. Microorganisms are an essential part of our life and the whole ecosystem; however, they are noticed only when they cause diseases. Through this outreach grant, we aim to help children to develop a fundamental understanding of microbes, how these microbes help us in our day-to-day life, how our routine habits can help to keep us away from many diseases, and how we can reduce the usage of antibiotics and in turn reduce antimicrobial resistance. We plan to spread this knowledge in younger minds as they are naive and can be trained well with the hope that they can communicate this knowledge to adults in their family or their social group. Our outreach activities are financially supported by 2nd and 3rd IndiaBioscience Outreach Grants in collaboration with I Love Jaisalmer.

3rd IOG (Dec.2022-Ongoing)

2nd IOG Program at a glance (Dec.2021-Nov.2022)

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